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All you have to do to confirm you’d like to come is fill in the below form, and we’ll send over your tickets and info you need for the sound experience.

Do let us know what you think about it afterwards (in your own time, however you feel so inclined) - we’d love to hear.

And if you end up chatting about In The Dark publicly, whether in advance or afterwards, then that would of course be lovely (and best to use #inthedark2019 and @theunionofsound or @we_are_sound if on social media), but we won’t mention you in any PR unless we spot you mentioning us first.

So this is on us. It’s basically a gift to you - to be in the dark for just a little while.


(p.s. The only person seeing your email address will be the artistic director Andrea, and it will be kept that way.)

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